Friday, January 25, 2013

If I had a house in the country

it would look a bit like this.
Gorgeous period wallpaper & chippy, alligatored paint mantles
Lots of detailed relief molding and a frieze or two like this.
There would definitely be a little antique boiserie and hopefully a giant statue with French graffitti.
 What country house would be complete without a room of ruins? 
 Here's a peek of the kitchen fireplace
Here's what the front of the house looks like.
Does the man in the photo look familiar? It's Balkie Bartokomous
(aka Bronson Pinchot) from Perfect Strangers! He has a show on the DIY channel where he restores his early nineteenth century homes in Harford, PA. He is a genius & is hilarious. Each of these rooms are in his house. The show has been on since February 2012 so there are lots of episodes to catch up on.  Never in a million years would I have guessed this is what he is up to now but I'm thrilled for him (& slightly jealous.)

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